Soft Landscaping

Turf and SeedTurfed Lawn

Whether you want a new lawn where none was before or a repair to your existing lawn there are generally two ways to go ahead. You could seed a lawn and wait for it to grow or you could lay turf and have instant grass. Turf can be purchased from suppliers, or if you have an area of lawn that is to be removed it can be cut into rolls and moved to a new position.

The use of turf generally suits smaller areas, although this is by no means a hard and fast rule. If establishment time is a factor then turf is the best option. Turf is quick to lay and comes in a variety of qualities and a range of properties. Hard wearing turf can be used where children play or high quality turf can be used in a more formal garden where it will receive less traffic. Very large areas tend to be seeded merely because of the financial implications of turfing. Seeding also lets you select the mix of grass species that best suit your requirements and micro-climate.

Visit our Gallery to see some examples of turfing projects we have undertaken.


To keep your garden bright throughout the year a range of flowering and foliage plants can create attractive features that move with the seasons. Botanical will be happy to supply plants that will achieve this, or if you wish, establish plants that you have collected yourself. Bulbs for a splash of colour to bring in the Spring. Summer bedding plants to provide continual blooms through the summer months. Late flowering plants and foliage to carry your garden through Autumn and into the Winter months.