Garden Care

Grass Cutting

Grass cutting LawnmowerLarge or small gardens, rough grass or manicured lawns. They will all need cutting at some point. You can keep a lawn for many reasons, some like a tight formal lawn for visual effect and walking on, others may prefer to encourage wild flowers and therefore delay cutting for extended periods to allow seeds to disperse. However you decide to keep your lawn Botanical are happy to provide a service that will suit your needs, whether you want a one off cut at the end of the season, a couple of cuts a year just to keep it in control or a regular cut that reflects seasonal growth rates, essential for formal lawns where extended growth will result in yellowing when cut.

Weed Control

Weed control using a membraneRegular weeding or one off weed removal. Whatever your requirements we can accommodate them. We can also supply and install weed control fabrics and membranes which in conjunction with bark mulch or a decorative gravel can seriously impede the establishment of weed species in your garden.


Hedge’s and Shrubs

Trimmed hedgesTrimming, shaping and pruning for all hedge and shrub species is something that will be required over time. Hedge’s can grow at a phenomenal rate in wet, temperate climates and need to be trimmed regularly to ensure uniform leaf coverage. If they are left to long between cuts holes start to appear when they are trimmed to their regular size. This is particularly true with privet and conifer hedge’s.  

Garden Tidy Ups

Just moved in ? Trying to sell your house ? Not had the time ?  Gardens too big ? The new in-laws coming to visit ! Not a problem.

Botanical can provide any level of service you require. From complete restoration to emergency clear up situations. Whether you just want an overgrown garden tidied up before it takes over, or a neglected garden brought back to its previous glory, everything is achievable.

Overgrown lawns can look untidy but with a little attention they can be rejuvenated. The initial cut can result in yellow grass but successive cuts and plenty of light and water will soon bring back the lush green of a well tended lawn.

Have you ever wondered why every garden has three old house bricks hiding in it somewhere? We have never worked it out either. But do not worry, clearance has always been a part of garden care. Previous jobs have uncovered some unlikely objects. Strimming an extremely overgrown lawn for a customer who had moved into a new house uncovered a car door and two bicycles not to mention the aforementioned bricks, which we have come to believe are obligatory and carry out some vital function in garden ecosystems.

Visit our Gallery to see some examples of tidying projects we have undertaken.