Garden on a slope.



This garden is slowly being taken over by the shrubbery.





The use of local stone and a relaxed theme give the garden a natural rough edge.




The slope does not get much use. Access is difficult.





The majority of the shrubs are removed retaining the better mature examples.





The slope is cleared of vegetation.





The top of the slope has been leveled to provide access to the top.





A second access route utilises stone block steps to ascend the slope.





To keep the gravel surface on the slope a grid is used to hold it.





The stone block steps are filled with gravel.





At the top of the slope a retaining wall holds up a gravel seating area situated inside a living willow arbour.





The gravel path bordered by stone blocks.





Water run off from the slope is channeled into a bog garden,





Timber from  the clearance is left to rot and create habitats for insects.





More stone is used to create burrows and shelter across the garden.





Native species are planted including Rowan, thistles etc.





The willow arbour has taken well and started to grow.





In time the planting will self seed and pull the stonework into the landscape.