Extending a raised deck.


This raised deck is a useful extension to the property but it looses the sun in the late afternoon.




The extension substantially increases the usable area of the deck and catches the sun all day.

The site is marked out for the deck and a surrounding path.

The grass is removed and the post holes are located.

The posts are installed and the upper level frame extends the top level.

The frame is attached to the front of the existing deck.

The lower level frame is constructed and at this time the handrail posts are installed.

Its an exposed site and the weather changes fast here.

The stringers for the steps are cut from large timber.

The stringers are installed at 400mm centres.

It is important to remember that access will be required to the drain under  the deck. It is a large deck so its worth utilising the space. Keeping the woodwork tidy underneath will allow comfortable access for storage.

The lower steps provide access to the garden and complete the framing of the deck.

The deck boards start to go down. An aluminium 'T' bar is used to disguise the straight line at the edge of the existing deck. It was decided not to replace the existing deck boards.

The sides are boxed in to keep the structure tidy.

The balusters are the last materials to be constructed.

Access to the underside is gained through the door under the upper level.

Decking oil is used to protect the timber and to cover the differing shaed of the various timbers used. This is Liberon decking Oil in Medium Oak. 3 coats on the left.

The completed deck is stained and ready for use. It catches the sun at last.