Sandstone entrance steps

This front garden is under utilised. Located in a quiet street it is not overlooked and a change of use is desired. The original sandstone steps have been repaired with a concrete screed.

The completed garden
includes the new elegant sandstone steps with complimentary sandstone path and walling. The top step provides access to the gravel walkway and a small patio for seating. The planting bed will be populated with plants of varying height that will frame the garden.

The entrance to the porperty, although not in a poor condition, is uninspiring. The use of concrete paving and walling gives an overall grey and muted atmosphere.

The new steps are complimented by the sandstone paving, walling and coping. The access to the property is now bright with clean lines. The larger paving size appears to increase the size of the access. This is an illusion.

On closer inspection the steps have been covered with concrete at some point. The original sandstone steps will have worn down ovewr time. The bollards at either side have been added at a later date and dont match the steps.

The top step is going to be extended to double the depth allowing a larger level area in front og the door. The originall sandstone step is exposed at the top. All the steps are in sound condition so they will be left in place.

The steps are constructed over the originals and concrete foundations are installed. The wall facing has been removed and again the retaining brick is found to be in sound condition so it has been left in place.

The walls are faced with sandstone and a mathing coping tops the wall.

The path has been excavated and filled with compacted stone. The drain is protected from falling gravel.

As the entrance is used daily, the path is completed one side at a time.

The steps, walling and paving are all pointed with the same complimentary mortar colour.

The remaining area has been cleared of all vegetation and granite setts have been used to edge the different areas. A foundation has been raised for the small patio.

With the edging complete the patio has been installed and the remaining area filled with gravel. Small grasses soften the base of the bird bath.

The overall effect is a structured and functional front garden with clean lines. Once established, the planting will soften the garden. The entrance to the property is now in scale with the proportions of the house.