I was told once, by a close family member who will remain nameless, about people buying new paving slabs and taking them home only to attack them with a sledge hammer in order to have the latest thing in outdoor surfaces. Sounds crazy?

Anyway here is an example of recycling that has served well for a number of years, but now it time for an update.

The patio catches the sun and serves as access to the double garage and a water butt.

Clearing the patio involved breaking the paving and removing it. The underlying sub base was sand, as was traditional with the older 2" thick slabs used, therefore easy to shovel out by hand. The lawn at the rear of the picture has been curved in to provide a hard surface access to the well used compost bin.

With the lawn reshaped,a new edge is required, a new foundation for the edging is poured. The boarding helps shape the foundation. The edge of the lawn along the planting border had sunk in a few places so it was decided to put a hard edge along here. We used sandstone walling, on edge, as dedicated sandstone edging was a lot more expensive.

With the edging in place the sub base that will support the patio is installed. We use MOT Type 1 road stone compacted to 75mm.

This is the most intricate edge so all the cuts are done in one go. It gets them out of the way.

As this is also the furthest point away from the gate we start the paving here.

Working back towards the gate the right hand edge is completed.

Nearly at the gate and space gets tight to work in. The paving joints vary to accomodate the hand cut sizes of the sandstone. The paving is being laid on a lean mix concrete. This is sufficiant under a domestic patio and also means the concrete is permeable which will be required on completion.



The paving joints have been filled with an epoxy based jointing sand which should work well on this site. There are few surrounding trees to litter the patio and it is an open windy site which dries quickly.

The one thing retained from the original patio is the large stone slab used as the bench seat.