This patio built into the lawn is an extension to an existing narrow slate patio.

The original access steps to the lawn.

The garden furniture marks the planned extension area for the new extended patio.

We start with removing the original retaining wall allong the complete width of the garden.

The access to the lawn is being moved so the old steps must come out.

The "bulking" effect of excavated materials means that 3 skips of soil came out of the hole. So an excavator was used for the heavy digging.

The excavator has completed the heavy digging leaving the final shaping and levelling to be completed by hand.

The levelling inclded digging foundations for the new wall.

As this will be a retaining wall it is built using a concrete block support wall and will be faced with Tugular walling.

The facing wall is built up to the top of the support wall.

Once level the tegular walling will continue upwards on top of the support wall also as it is visible from the rear.

With the wall to height the slate paving is laid and lines are matched up to the existing slate paving.

The slate is completed and awaits mortar joints on a drier day.

To continue the slate theme the paving is also used to cap the wall.

The new steps access the lawn from the extended slate patio.