This new garden followed the completion of a cedar clad extension and comprises of a wrap around granite patio, some new planting areas, a new lawn and a separate drying area.

Additions included in the garden plan are the screen fence stained to match the cedar extension and a custom tree seat built from landscape sleepers.

On the first visit the extension is 99% complete. The garden, however, has suffered over the period of the build. Heavy machinery and foot traffic has destroyed the lawn.

A brighter day for the comencement of operations. The low decking area at the rear of the garden is marked for removal.

This area is marked for a new lawn with a narrow planting bed along the side wall.

These folding doors will be the main access to the garden. They will open onto a new granite patio area.

The granite patio will wrap around the extension to provide paved access on two sides.

The area down the side of the property will be utilised as a drying area.

Underneath the low decking there is a foundation for the garage that was here before. As this area will be lawn the fondation needs to be removed.

Garage foundations are often deep. There was apr. 12 tonnes of concrete in this one.

The side area has been cleared of all unwanted material and excavated down to allow room for a compacted stone sub base on which a patio will be laid.

The sub base is barrowed in and levelled prior to compacting.

A damp sand / cement mix is s[read over the sub base and then compacted over trammel bars. These are the metal tubes lying on the sub base. Once compacted the excess can be scraped off leaving a uniform level surface for the paving to be laid upon.

Laying paving on a level surface is only possible if the paving is of uniform thickness. These granite units only vary by a few millimeters so tapping down to adjust the height is simple.

As the paving goes around the corner the drain angle changes. The main patio slopes away from the building towards the wall to move water away from the house. To allow the narrow path to also drain away from the house the angle changes to slope to the left. To avoid raised edges of paving these diagonal cuts are introduced.

With the patio work completed the compacted ground in the garden has been rotavated extensivley and then raked level  for the turf. A screen fence hides a storage area in the far corner.

A bit of off site work to construct a tree seat that will fit around the aple tree in the garden. This is made from landscape sleepers and stained to try and match the cear cladding.

The seat is built in four sections that will be bolted together on site.

Like so.

Turf, some nice galvanised washing line poles and stepping stones complete the drying area.

The raised planter is filled with Aliums and herbs.

The completed garden benefits from some contemporary bollard lights around the patio.