Muliple use garden.

This is a large garden that is split into three distinct areas. There is a height change supported by the wall running down the centre of the garden. The rear of the garden, from the tree to the hedge is separated from the rest of the garden by an open culvert running across the garden.

The area to the front of this picture used to be paved and there was a large tree in the centre. So there has been some previous work here.

The main aim of this job is to extend this small area of decking. Given the scale of the garden it is possible to considerably increase the usable area.

The decking is currently a narrow strip around the conservatory.

So this is what we ended up with, after a lot of work.

The first job is to see what is hidden below the existing deck. There has also been some excavating on the garden to remove soil and grass.

Below the deck some of the joists have deteriorated so these are assessed and replaced where necessary.

The extended deck frame is nearly complete. The angles used to step out the deck are taken from the bay windows to connect the deck to the house.

The excavated area of lawn has been blocked in using the same angles and form an area for paving.

With the frame ready the handrails and steps  are installed before the decking boards are  screwed down. It is always best to use screws to secure deck boards. Nails can be pulled by flexing in the deck . Screws secure the boards well and can be easily removed if needs be.

The deck is complete.

It now provides a considerable outside space for a variety of uses.

The area of excavated lawn has now been filled and the paving is being laid. The customer liked the idea of a level transition between materials from wood to stone to grass.

With the patio completed the ground has been leveled and returfed.

A visitor today. A field mouse.

Onto the rest of the garden. There was an outline plan for this garden but it has been an ongoing development with new ideas added into the plan as ground is cleared and space is opened up.

An unusual feature of the garden is the open culvert. This is essentially a watercourse that runs in heavy rain but remains dry in summer. It is currently undefined with grass growing over the stone sides.

The culvert is cleared out to expose the stone sides and slab bed.

The exposed stonework is cleaned and prepared for new stonework.

Whilst working in the garden a lot of stone was reclaimed from rockeries and borders. This has been used to build up the sides of the culvert thus making it a feature of the garden.

On the far side of the culvert, this area has been reserved for a planting bed.

At the back of the garden a tree house is being built. Its not really a tree house as it does not connect with the tree but is supported on posts, but it wraps around the tree.

Now there's a tree house with access through a trap door and rope ladder.

Access to the tree house is via this earth bridge over the open culvert.

There were some left over decking materials so it was decided to utilise them in a bridge. With the addition of some landscaping sleepers for sides it produced this.

The bridge leads to a path of granite chips bordered with deck boards.

Some reclaimed slabs are used to create a nook.

In the rear right hand corner of the garden a log build construction is being assembled. This is a gazebo with storage.

The build is coming on well.

It's easier to put on the shingles from a hole in the roof until you have to close the hole.

The completed building.

The arty BBQ shot.