Koi Carp pond and paving circle.

After flood prevention work was carried out this garden was left as a blank canvas.

As you can see it really is empty, even the slabs are just dropped to allow a clean surface to get from the gate.




So the idea was to put in a pond with a raised edge. In addition there was to be a circle of paving to form a seating area with a pergola over it. Paths were to be minimal with as much open ground as possible to allow the customer to plant up all remaining areas. The result looks something like this.



We can get a better look at the development if we take it step by step, and first on the agenda is the pond. Now then, you may notice the obvious problem with placing the pond here. However this manhole has been declared out of service by the flood prevention contractors so it can be demolished.


The pond excavation is going well, the man hole has been reduced and we are getting close to the foundation depth for the reinforced concrete base.


The reinforced concrete base is strenghtened with steel mesh and is 150mm thick. The sides of the pond have to withstand the pressure of the water so they need to be strong. This construction uses steel rebar uprights outside the block walls and set in the foundation. Once the block walls are complete they will be back filled with concrete poured over the rebar to support the walls.



The walls have reached ground level but there is still 500mm to go before finished height is achieved.


Its now time to start thinking about utilities such as the filter and pump access points. The filter will be housed in this construction.



This pond construction uses a flexible EPDM liner. This is essentially a sheet of rubber but we do not want to see the rubber above the waterline. The step in the wall just below waterline will allow the liner to be hidden behind the decoraive facing stone that will complete the wall above ground. The blockwork has been roughly rendered and then ground down to provide a smooth finish for the liner to sit on.



While the pond construction is curing and achieving full strength we can start on some other jobs. Some posts are placed for the pregola and the paving circle can be layed out. Its a good idea, if you have the room, to lay out the circle before you start. This gives you the chance to get the gaps clear in your mind. Its easy to let your gaps wander only to find the last unit does not fit the space at the end.


Ok, thats the circle nearly complete it just needs to have the joints mortared and thats ticked off the list.



Next job is the pergola. This version uses three supporting posts as it sits in a corner and radiates out across the garden.



The pond is still curing, we'll give it 7 days for this project. So we move onto the fence cladding. For this we are are using handmade split hazel hurdles mounted on battons fixed to the posts. With the extensive planting planned by the customer the hurdles will provide support for climbing plants aimed at creating green walls around the entire garden.



Meanwhile back at the pond.... The underlay is formed over the blockwork. This is designed to prevent sharp objects piercing the liner.



The underlay is easy as it can be cut to fit. The liner however has to be layed in one piece, hospital corners if possible. Its harder than it looks.



With the liner finally persuaded to cooperate we can start using some of the 3 tonnes of Pembroke sandstone to face the pond, starting with the inner walls.



The sandstone covers both sides of the concrete block and also caps the wall. The filter is housed in its covered area and the wall sealed with an epoxy pond sealant to prevent leaching from the cement into the water.



The completed pond in a rustic, dry stone wall effect. The cracks in the wall will be planted up with small wall dwelling plants. The beds will contain a mix of seasonal bulbs and perennials. The paths are surfaced with a grey blue slate.



The paths are kept to a minimum to allow planting. There will be no grass in this garden just structural plants adding a vertical dimension to all the surfaces.







So here it is, before..



And after. In a couple of years this will all be green, walls, ground, everything. Look forward to seeing it established.


The client was kind enough to invite me back to view the garden now that it has had a chance to mature. There has been a lot of planting and it has paid off as you can see.

As you can see, every available space has been used to fill the garden with colour and structure.

The pond has been softened with surrounding plants and aslo small plants in the cracks of the stonework.

Its really starting to take shape now.