Softening some hard landscaping

This garden was largely block paved. There was a small lawn but it was out of the way. The main feature was a rockery.  Although it was a lower maintenance area it offers little in the way of variety, colour and space.

With a new lawn, some bright paving and soft contours the garden has transformed. The sun helps too.

A small lawn area is cut off from the rest of the garden by a dividing wall.

At the lower end of the garden is a small planting bed.

The rockery in the foreground, lots of block paving, the lawn and rear fence.

The steps to the french doors are the the only item that will remain in the garden. With such a large area of paving it is difficult to break up the space and smaller items are swallowed up. A fairly substantial bird feeding station for instance.

So, how was the transformation achieved? Well, with the exception of the steps at the rear entrance to the property, everything must go. Access is through the fence and the block paving has been lifted. We retained some of this to use as a mowing strip around the proposed lawn.

The clearance in full swing. Fence removed, walls gone, no rockery, just some steps left.

With the garden cleared the new fence posts are first to go in. This will regain privacy as soon as possible. The fenceline remains the same except at the roadside where it has been pushed out to incorporate some external land belonging to the property.

The new fence continues around the property.

This area was outside the original fence.

The low retaining wall that held back the low raised bed has been demolished in order to be rebuilt in a different layout to match the new fenceline. 

The reclaimed block paving is used to create a mowing strip around the entire garden and edge the new patio area.

The new patio area is filled in with a bright paving unit.

With the paving complete there is a large hole to fill. Due to the previous block paving surface the ground below was compacted and drainage was a problem. This area was heavily rotavated before any soil could be moved in.

This is what 20 tonnes of topsoil looks like. Scary isn't it.

20 tonnes fills a whole.

The repositioned wall with cut in path and border. Some rescued plants sit on the wall.

The far corner holds a selection of grasses and bamboo. Due to the spreading nature of bamboo, this corner has been bricked in to separate the area from the rest of the planting bed.

A big change here, the lawns are in place and a new patio seating area in scale with its surroundings. The two trees are bordered with landscaping sleepers and more sleepers are used to build a raised bed where the low planting bed used to be.

The lawn continues out to the new gate position. The mowing strip around the outside of the garden allows the grass to be cut with a mower without the need to strim the edges.

The two trees are Photinia Red Robin.

The paving used is Bradstone Old Riven.

The new garden has a variety of features which break up the space adding detail and texture with brighter shades of colour.