Returfing and tidying up prior to house sale.

The new turf looks great as you enter the driveway.

On the right you can see the previous lawn is patchy and dried up in places. The lawn on the left has been rotavated to break up the turf and aerate the soil below. The broken up turf has been raked off and removed.

Once the turf was removed the soil was cultivated until it reached a good tilth ( a fine crumbly texture). The soil was then raked level before the new turf was laid.

The turf is kept moist during the dry weather.

At the edge the turf is laid under the shrubs before being cut back into curves around the border. The exposed soil is then covered with bark mulch.

The completed turf looking lush and green.

The back garden is overgrown and needs some attention.

With a bit of strimming some feature start to emerge.

Climbing plants have taken over this area.

A bit of cutting back is all thats needed. We don't want to clean it out completely as this would destroy the established nature of the garden.

After a lot of strimming and weeding the features of the garden become clear.

A little work can go a long way to help selling a property and the estate agent confirmed that the work carried out had increased the chances of a sale considerably. The house sold within the month.