Scandinavain Summerhouse and Terrace

This project was designed around the building of a summer house in a quiet corner of the garden. The summer house is produced by Rowlinson Garden Products  as part of their Baltic Building range.

This summer house and terrace now occupy a sunny spot in the garden.

The space before the work commenced. When it was sunny.

The garden has a space for a bench but with some trees removed around here the space has been opened up.

The new access path and terrace lead to the summer house which sits neatly in the new space.

An access path linking the terrace with the existing path will run across the lawn.

The site is marked out with grass paint.

The marked area is excavated and foundations have been poured around the perimeter . Blockwork is used to form a level area for the terrace which will be filled in with rubble.

A steel reinforced foundation awaits the summer house.

The floor joists for the summer house have been supported on treated fence posts and anchored to the foundation with expanding bolts. With these in place the paving can be cut to fit the profile of the building. It is a lot easier to do this without the building as there is more space to manoeuvre the paving stones.

The luxury of a large empty garage on site did not go unnoticed.  The summer house arrived in precut pieces of untreated timber. These had to be identified and treated with several coats of wood preservative prior to the build.

The floor is first to go down and then the walls timbers are slotted into each other.

The door and window frames are inserted into position before the walls get to high.

The build is going well and the rain has held off for a change.

The 12 roof panels supplied are bolted together in 2,s to form 6 panels. This is a tricky operation as the roof is self supporting, there are no internal braces to fix the panels to. The panels are raised onto the top of the building and bolted together. It took 3 panels raised in this way before the roof could support its own weight. In the mean time they were supported on timber posts wedged up from the inside of the building. Not a job for a windy day.

According to plan the 6 roof sections were to be fitted with the felt shingles prior to raising onto the building. However, this did not allow for a weatherproof underlay to be fitted beneath the shingles so this stage was omitted to allow this. Bearing in mind that the plans stated this was a 2 person job, the roof panels were heavy and awkward to handle with 2 people without a full covering of felt.

The felt shingles are fitted retrospectively. Shingles are fitted from the bottom up. The first few courses can be attached from the step ladder, after this a roof ladder was required.

The build went well and the building minus the shingles was completed in 1 day. The roof took another to complete. The blockwork around the terrace will be left for drier weather before being painted with an exterior masonry paint.