Granite paving. Granite Terraces. Granite Setts.

In a contemporary city garden.

Garden designed and built by :    Botanical Landscape Services
Extension by :                           Guido MacLellen Architects       

This was a large job and there are a lot of pictures of the build. There are more pictures of the completed garden at the bottom of the page.  

The completed garden. Granite paving and railway sleeper seating split over three levels.

The garden before.

The completed garden. A view down onto a secluded granite terrace.

The garden before.

The Build

The plan - To create a contemporary garden that will compliment a new extension built in a modern style.

The garage now a pile of rubble and trees felled reveal a lost shed. There are four metres of unused space at the end of the garden.

The space at the end of the garden is now cleared. There is a drop in height of 1.5 metres to the adjacent ground.

In order to utilise this space a substantial foundation has been poured to support a retaining wall.

The completed retaining wall is level with the rest of the garden now. It also extends the usable space in the garden up to the boundary line.

Decking support posts, the only timbers of suitable length, will support a new fence.

The fence build continues at pace to regain security on the site.

The outside view of the fence shows how much ground has been reclaimed. The wall angled to deter climbing.

The interior face of the fence has a contemporary look. This was to be achieved using narrow strips of timber. Unfortunately the planned use of tile battons was impossible as the quality of these was very poor.

The alternative was to saw our own battons from fencing timber.

A lot of them. They also needed to be stained prior to installation to ensure even coverage.

This as far as the fence can be completed at present.

A constant gap of 8mm separates the battons.

The area before the fence has been back filled with the crushed remains of the garage and topped off with compacted road stone.

Another foundation extends from the fence to support the block outline of the terrace.

In the centre there are steps for access. The excavated soil has been levelled over the lawn area.

Around the lower terrace there will be a boundary of sleepers to provide seating.

These all need to be planed smooth. Splinters.

The sleepers are cut to box in the block wall on the foundation.

The sleepers completed.

The sleepers have been stained and the granite paving commences.

The granite paving is laid on a screeded bed of concrete sand and cement. This is compacted then screeded off down to the preset levels.

The granite paving has been sawn and ranges between 25 and 30mm each.

As the granite is laid the wiring for the ground lights has to be included. The granite paving has to be drilled to take the lights.

The finish in sight.

With the paving installed, the joiners can get on with the home office.

Stage 2

The upper terrace will also be paved in granite but it will be continued across the space using granite setts.

The wiring is in place before any stonework.

The tiles inside are the same size as the granite paving. The idea is to continue the lines of the tiles onto the terrace in order to join the two spaces seamlessly.

The terrace is filled with road stone and compacted.

As before, levels are set for the sand cement bedding mix.

Fortunately the paving was laid before the cold weather hit.

The edges and sides of the terrace are completed.

A late addition to the plan requires another foundation.

The hot tub is situated on its foundation. The hot tub sits below ground level to bring its height in line with the adjoining planting container.

The hot tub has been walled in leaving space for access to the side panels.

The gaps between the setts are checked before laying.

Another fence marks the property boundary and edge of the granite sett area.

This fence is in the same format as its larger neighbour.

A lot more battons to produce.

The installation process.

And the last chance to get the machine out of the garden. But its still very tight.

With the excavator out of the way the rest of the border for the sett area can be installed.

The granite setts are laid to a string line on the lower side.

Checking the spacing dry ensured the even spacing of the setts across the area.

Only a few courses to go and time to double check the spacing.

With all the setts in place the joints are filled with an epoxy jointing mortar. These products are very fast and easy to use and leave the stone clean and free from stains.

Stage 3

The front of the property, largely used as a storage area during the build is next.

The drive.

The original path and gravel.

The central area will continue the theme from the rear garden.

The granite path with inserted setts.

In the central area a box will contain a raised lawn.

The raised lawn is level as the garden slopes towards the road.

The exposed areas of the front area are covered with granite chips over a heavy landscape fabric.

The drive was covered with 100mm of compacted road stone over the original brick foundation before the granite chips were spread.

The completed garden

And there it is, a complete transformation.