Decking with balustrade and trellis

The completed garden

This is the completed decking which contours the house and provide level access from the back door. The trellis provides privacy from the neighboring gardens.

Before work commenced.

The previous garden with steps down from the back door to gravel and slabs.
The decking is designed to be level with the floor within the kitchen extension. The tree on the right is staying and will need to worked around.

On the left there is a buttressed wall. This reduces the usable width of the garden as we do not want them to project into the deck.

A basic framework of support joists describes the area of the deck.

The framework is then filled out with intermediate support joists that follow the contours of the house. A weed control fabric lies under the deck.

The trellis sides will be mounted on the fence posts on either side of the deck.

The joists are completed and newel posts in place for the baluster, or handrails. The trellis on this side sits on the top of the wall. The frame below will conceal the wall and its buttresses.

The boxing in of the buttresses resulted in clean lines along the side of the deck and also provides a shelf for pot plants or ornaments.

On the other side the trellis extends downwards to conceal the wall. The angled cut provides a gentle transition into the area.

The decking completed.