Sandstone patio with timber features.

The completed garden.

This garden contains three main features requested by the client. A smooth sandstone patio and path, a pergola seating area and a couple of planting beds, one raised, one sunken.

Before work commenced. (Well just after actually).

The build in stages.

The garden as it stands. These houses are built on a slight incline resulting in a slope from right to left in this picture. Ground level in the garden to the right is level with the lowest cross member of the fence. The plan is to lower the top of the slope and raise the bottom to level the garden.

All of the existing slabs and grass are removed.

Once cleared a concrete foundation has been poured along the lower edge to form a base for a block retaining course. The majority of the topsoil has been retained for back filling later.

The high end also receives a foundation and a higher retaining wall to hold back the next garden. The upright timber will form part of the pergola later. The foundation has been extended and will allow fixing point for the raised bed.

With the external retaining structure complete the internal formations can be constructed. Concrete is poured to form the outer supports for the patio area and path. This is then filled with crushed stone (MOT Type 1) and compacted.

In a small garden it is essential to plan the work to avoid traveling over completed work. Once the patio base is completed work moves over to the woodwork. The raised bed is constructed from new softwood railway sleepers which are bolted to the underlying foundation and filled with topsoil.

The pergola is completed and the rest of the topsoil leveled to allow storage of the sandstone paving prior to laying. The paving used is Marshalls Fairstone Sawn and the colour is Golden Sand Multi.

The sandstone is laid on a damp bedding mix of concrete sand and cement. Additional water is added later to aid hydration of the cement content. Smaller paving units and cuts are kept away from the edge as they are easily dislodged by traffic.

The paving is complete and the joints have been filled with mortar.

The lawn area has been turfed, carefully. All the sandstone was covered with plastic to avoid trampling soil into the porous surface. A trellis disguises an area for bins which has been raise to become level with the back gate.

The sunken bed has been brought into the garden by continuing a thin band of paving along the top of the retaining blockwork.

This is the completed garden.