Here is another garden

You can not see the main problem from this angle, but you can see the extent of concrete. The owners would prefer more grass.

The view in the other direction shows a similar picture.

This is the main problem. 30 centimetres of concrete just outside the door. This part of the house is a new extension built over the lowest area of the garden.

As you can see it is quite a step.

Work to remove the concrete is going well. It has been poured in layers making it easy to remove each one to a level surface.

All the concrete has been removed, the fence and excess soil and clay follow.

The area outside the door has been lowered to allow construction of a level seating area which extends apr 4.5 metres to a raised lawn.

This appears to have been the original level of the garden. The drains were 40 centimetres below the surface.

A strip foundation will support the retaining wall for the raised lawn.

The extra soil is for back filling behind the wall.

To break up the square area a curve has been introduced.

The curve leads to the foundation for two steps to the upper level.

With most of the waste removed by excavator and dumper, a bit of site security can be installed.

The seating area is going to be decked. However, to avoid blocking access to the drains some thought has gone into the frame layout.

The deck joists sit on the ledge created by a block laid on its side for the first course.

This piece of timber has been kerfed to aid bending. It has been cut 3/4 of its depth at 25 cm intervals.

It is then left to soak overnight in a water trough.

The result, extra flexibility.

The decking is underway.

A lot happened over a short period, mostly rain so not many photo's taken. The decking is completed, the side path has been slabbed and several tonnes of screened topsoil has been imported.

At the rear of the garden a new shed is being built.

And lastly, the lawn.

The completed garden. The curved, timber clad wall works well. A straight wall would have been to clinical.

It also provides plenty of extra seating.

Starting to look lived in already.

After all that rain and mud I think that chairs for me. Just need the sun to come out now.