Langside Illuminations

So, here we are again. The beginning of another job and the obligatory before pictures. This garden has been mono-blocked for a number of years now and is getting a little tired. Time for a change, and I'm afraid the plans don't allow much space, so the helicopter landing pad just has to go!

The garden in better light shows the view that will seen from the new conservatory that is being built by CR Smith. Not great is it?

CR Smith finished on time and from inspection its a good job. The red sandstone construction matches the house very well and adds to the ambience inside where the stone is exposed.

The clearing begins and previous gardens are uncovered. This huge lump of concrete, in comparison to the shovel, was hidden behind one of the Cypress trees. Its only purpose was to support a 75mm square post. A little bit over the top.

Ok, the clearing starts in earnest with the lifting of the mono-block. As we are going to be laying slabs over most of the garden, this is a good base for the next stage. Not to much to worry about under here. Or so you would think!

This nice smooth surface uncovered an inch or so under the grit sand is in fact the concrete slab that is the last remains of a previous garage. These things have to hold up the weight of a building as well as the car it houses so they are pretty thick. Because the garden is to be slabbed there is a need for drainage, the slab means we will have to lift the garden to allow drainage. Essentially it's to high and I want to avoid cutting into it.

The garage slab extends almost up to the steps to the conservatory. But not quite, stroke of luck here, there's 100mm left to play with. Just the ticket.

While I think about the drainage issues I get on with the fence. Old one out new one in, sorted.

New fence and gate, done.

Now we can start with the main feature. Another fence?

Wrong, it's a Native American burial platform. Unusual for Glasgow.

Remember that 100mm gap between the garage slab and the steps? Filled it with the drainage channels. Otherwise the garden would have to be raised by 70cm. It doesn't sound much but it is over 40m2.

Things are getting a bit tight for space now. The ladders to the platform are in place and the slabs have arrived.

The first slabbing area is completed. Now we have somewhere to store materials.

The woodwork has been stained in a colour called medium oak by Ronseal. The slabbing of the main areas has started.

A new shed arrives.

The slabs are down. The wall of light is in place. The floodlights are wired up. Didn't tell you about those did I? They are currently un-guarded but will have cages over them as they get hot and are liable to damage.

So, there we have it. One garden, two areas. The utility area at the back for sheds, bins, stuff. The front half can be kept clutter free. Remember the view from the conservatory?

That's it.

But wait, that's not it....there's the night!

Let there be light.

Why not?

We've got all the time in the world.

Langside Illuminations.