Gordon's Garage.

This was Gordon's garage. As it turned out the washing line was holding it up.

It was a big garage and took up most of the garden.

Not any more. This ones for you Gordon, I know how much you wanted to see this.

Thats your garage that is. The excavator pulled down the garage, it did not need much help. A chainsaw made it easier to handle. The existing grass has been scraped away.

The garden is now cleared ready for the new design. We will keep the concrete slab under the garage, its a nice surface for what we have in mind.

First things first, the fence. Posts are spaced along the property divisions.

With the posts in attention moves to the dog leg path marked by the timbers extending from the door.

Well, the path is in place and the timber is mounting up. Time to get started.

Can you tell what it is yet? The decking posts are bolted down and railings are fitted.

The fencing has been left till later, it will get in the way otherwise.

As the deck is raised a trellis has been attatched to the top of the fence to give a sense of privacy.

The joists are in place and decking can begin.

The decking is installed and the sides boxed in.

Electrics are concealed under the deck to power some lights in the deck and on the fence.

Plum slate chips have been used as a border along the path. The railway sleepers are waiting to become a raised planter when more arrive from Germany.

The remainder of the garden is turfed and we are complete. Just time for some gratuitous pictures of the completed garden. Here they come.

Sun's shining.

That used to be a garage.

The wet look shot, nice.

There we have it. Where are you going to park your car now Gordon? Not on the grass I'll tell you.

The night time shot, thanks Gordon, looks great.