A Pergola, with some decking.

This garden originally had a deck but flooding resulted in rotten woodwork.

The space is confined by the low level of the ground.

The material list is quite simple, wood.

We start with the load bearing posts sunk to a depth equal to a third of the height of the structure.

The posts are in place and a basic frame for the pergola has been mounted above.

A frame has evolved from a wee bit of head scratching.

The pergola, supported by posts, and a joist fixed to wall.

A junction box holds the wires for the decking LED's.

Spacing the deck boards and decking lights requires some thought. the single deck boards hold the lights and need to be spaced equally and are therefore placed in their rough positions,

There's always one who can't wait.

The decking is down and cut around posts and the tree.

And that leaves us with the decking and pergola. Now level with the interior of the house, the decking extends the interior space while the pergola creates an extra external room in the house.

There you have it. Pergola.