Random Stone Wall

This dry stone retaining wall has served faithfully for many years. Now though it is starting to slump and is taking over the marginal area between the path and the raised bed.

Stones are regularly falling and soil is gradually building up under the wall allowing seeds to germinate freely.

The stone has been pulled down and the bank has been excavated back to allow room to work. A course of large stone pieces, on a bed of concrete will form the foundation in the excavated trench.

With all the rain I forgot to take pictures during the build. Here is the far end. It has been pushed back to provide a small area for seating.

The other end of the wall. The new stone added to the pile can be seen lighter here. An extra two tonnes of stone was used to build up the wall.

Rather than a plain wall, some areas have nooks for flower pots, candles or garden ornaments.

The finished wall and as always it stops raining and the sun comes out. Some unwritten law of gardening that means when your in the bottom of a muddy hole it pours down. And when your finished the sun comes out.

A while later I returned to complete the seating area. This has been laid out in left over sandstone from a terrace in the rear garden. The sandstone has been spaced further apart than usual and the gaps filled with fine gravel. This gives a less formal appearance. The new stone in the wall has weathered in nicely.