One of "those" jobs.

This garden comes with a property that required extensive renovation.

With major structural work on the house the garden has become a building site.

The rear of the garden is quite overgrown.

With the scaffolding removed the garden can be cleared.

With the overgrown rear cut back it is possible to see the garden. We found this garage foundation under all that stuff.

This client wanted the garden to compliment all the work put into the house. It was decided, in negotiation with neighbors, to demolish the partition block wall as it was leaning into the garden and its foundations were poor. This is to be replaced with a timber fence matched on both sides of the garden.

The framework on the ground is the base of an area of decking which would have been difficult to construct had the fence been completed first.

The turf was laid before the decking frame was completed to aid access. Because of the slope of the garden the decking has two levels accessed by full width steps.

A mono-block border extends around the garden. This provides a visual break between the elements. It also acts as a mowing strip which makes grass cutting easier holding grass back from the edge of the decking and allowing a lawnmower to cut over the edge of the grass.

With the decking frame completed the access steps, bannisters and hand rails were installed before the deck boards were put down.

The work completed...