Reinforced grass paver systems

This bark chip path is a few years old now and could do with replacement surface material.

A problem with this path has been the slope. The bark chips move down the slope with time, piling up on the corners and getting thin on straight sections. A solution to this is to reinforce the surface to stop it moving. Products made for large scale applications are now becoming available in smaller quantities making them viable for private gardens.

This is a 'grass paver' developed by Ritter-Technik, a German company. It is made from 100% recycled plastics and each element locks together to form a continuous surface which can be filled with a variety of materials.

The bark chips have been removed from the path in preparation.

A bed of gravel fills any low areas and provides drainage.

The pavers arrive from Germany on one pallet of 36 m2, the current minimum order.

The final preparation before installing the pavers is to spread and roll a thin layer of sand.

The pavers are fitted together along the path.

At the corners some cutting was required.

The honeycomb has been loose filled with a mix of soil and sand.

Turf is then laid over the top and rolled into the pavers.

The surrounding grass at the bottom of the path was sparse due to tree cover so the lower section of the pavers has been filled with gravel. This worked well and prevents the gravel from slipping down the hill.

Both the grass and the gravel are now very firm walking surfaces that can withstand continued travel on foot and with wheel barrows etc. Maintenance is simple, the odd cut whenever required is all that is needed.